task manager

After blocking… some process which I don’t remember what it was, my computer went into a complete lockdown. It stopped me from opening any program.

However, I was able to use task manager to stop the madness by disabling defence+ (by going “new task”). Once I’d done that, the system was back to normal, except that task manager won’t work properly. It only gives me a list of open programs, with no tabs. No processes list or anything helpful.

So, can anyone help? Thanks.

Thats not Comdo. Thats is a feature of Task Manager. Double Click anywhere on a blank area. Like just left of the end process button. It will come back. Go all through your list of D+ settings and see if there is a program you blocked.

Likewise, just double click into any non-list box area and you should get your options back.

If you can’t figure out what specific program you blocked from looking through the defense+ list of programs, then you may want to uninstall then reinstall comodo to reset the settings.

Yep, uninstall and reinistall will fix it. If you can get into the Firewall interface, try removing all of the rules - that should also work.