task manager in CIS!

the process list in defense+ section does not have memory usage by processes and cpu usage as there is in windows task manager
This info can be extremely usefulto decide whether malware has hijacked a genuine process or whether an unnecessary process is running which can be terminated…
I would like the process list to be converted into a full task manager with startup/process memory usage/cpy usage etc.
Also, a security ‘rating’ like anvir task manager can be put which can make it easier for novice users to understand which process could possibly be malware!
Thanks, please vote.

There are security ratings, Judge by the colour of the pop up,
With regards to the taskmanager idea - It’s already included into Comodo Windows tweaker

As Kyle said, This stuff is already included in COMODO Windows Tweaker BETA. Where info on CPU memory is in that suite based on utilities, CIS is a suite based on Security.


nice. but it wouldnt harm to incorporate a task manager into CIS, it’ll be good tool for advanced users.

I miss another option in the poll - “Yes I think it would be nice to have, but only if Comodo sleeps on piles of cash and doesn’t mind development cost at all, otherwise spare your resources for more useful imprevements/bugfixes” :slight_smile:

WHere’d you learn that ■■■■?
Is yes . no matter what users choose, comodo should have task manager. it only improves, and doesnt cause any harm…