Task-Manager in CIS 6.2

The built-in Task Manager in 6.2 seems to be useless, as the window is not populated with anything. What gives?

It is not “standard” Task Manager.
Launch KillSwitch and you will get what you want.

Your confused. The task manager built into CIS is ONLY for CIS tasks. Install Killswitch.

Ok, so KillSwitch seems to be a separate module, much like the Sysinternals Task-Manager. I’ve installed it, but the TASK MANAGER button still brings up an empty window.

The task manager within CIS is a task manager for tasks CIS is running, for example if there is currently a scan then it will show in the task manager. To start KillSwitch you need to use the “Watch Activity” button I think it is called.

The task manager is in CIS is ONLY for CIS. Such as when you run a scan and send it to the back round. If you installed Killswitch then open it up and pin it to your taskbar. Its that easy. Killswitch is Windows Task Manager on steroids.

I propose to make this clearer by calling it “Background Tasks” or “CIS Tasks”.


I agree. :-TU
This naming causes only confusion…


Please create a GUI bug report for this and I will forward it to the devs. I think it’s worthy of that type of a report.