Task Manager and Comodo Shortcut

Task Manager takes 30 seconds to open and I can not open the Comodo Shortcut on my desktop, it just has the spinning cirlce until I restart computer.

Any ideas.

Just downloaded 3.8, resolved a logging problem and would like to get these two problems resolved. Don’t want to stop using Comodo.

Using Optimum Proactive Defense, Safe Mode and Clean PC Mode.

Subsequently deleted shortcut. I can open from taskbar.

Anyone else have Task manager taking 30 seconds to open. Once open, I can minimize and bring it back up immediately. Don’t really want to have to do that.



Did you import a previous configuration? If you did try using another configuration and see if the same thing happens.

Not sure what that means. It was a clean install of Comodo 3.8. Didn’t change anything over the defaults. I have cleared some logging problems, per a post in the bug section, by adding some items to the Computer Security Policy/Protection Settings in Defense+ under Comodo Internet Security. That kept those items from being blocked during application logging. I added taskmgr also, but no change. It still takes too long to load. I just did the same thing under All Applications for taskmgr in the same section mentioned above. No change. I can live with it as long as all other areas work great and quick, as they are so far. Just would like to know if anyone else has the same issue and it is a bug.