Task bar icons flash

Hello awesome Comodo people. I am using Dragon I really like it except for one issue. When I click to start Dragon in my task bar it makes all of the icons in my task bar flash. When I say flash I mean the icons go white then back to their normal picture. I am using Windows 7 64 bit. I also ran the repair Dragon function and it didn’t help. Has anybody experienced this?

I’m not seeing any flashing here, but I’m using Windows XP, 32bit.

Update: I seem to have fixed it. I originally was using version and did the update to I now uninstalled, deleted the left over registry key and reinstalled. Now the icons don’t flash when I start Dragon. When I reinstalled, Dragon didn’t ask me if I wanted to use their DNS server. Is this normal on the Windows 7 64 bit version?

Were you by any chance already using SecureDNS?

I did choose DNS server when I installed Comodo Internet security. I also have the same setup on my laptop but have Vista 32 bit. When I did the Dragon update on Vista, Dragon asked me to use their DNS. On my Windows 7 64 bit, it did not. So, I’m wondering if something went wrong with the Dragon insatall or, it’s a Windows 7 64 bit issue. Thanks for your fast response.

Hmmm… I was thinking maybe the installer was smart enough to realize you were already running SecureDNS, so it didn’t ask. But if you were also running SecureDNS on your other system and it did ask, I guess that shoots down that theory…

It’s easy enough to check if you’re set up for SecureDNS though.

Click Start, select Run, type cmd and press Enter. At the prompt, type ipconfig /all, and press Enter. Look down near the bottom where it says DNS Servers.

If you see:

You’re all set.

Wow, thanks. I didn’t know how to check that. My numbers matched the ones you posted. I feel better now. This is a great forum by the way.