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What does it mean when the screen on my taskbar icon for BO Clean turns bright red?

From the Help…

A blue or green colored "flick" of the traybar icon will be noted when BOClean does this recalibration every ten seconds. The icon's black vacuum cleaner will turn BLUE when memory is being examined in connection with a program starting, it will flick green when it's doing a routine examination of the registry during a recalibration. Formerly, BOClean would flick RED during the recalibration cycle which confused people, causing them to think a trojan had been caught, or worse, MISSED. As of BOClean 4.12, you will ONLY see the icon turn "blood red" IF a trojan has been caught and an alert is being triggered OR if you open the configuration screen or button bar, during which time BOClean goes "quiet" and you're unprotected. It will REMAIN red until all cleanup has completed, or when you close the button bar, whereupon BOClean will start its examination cycle again with the icon being blue until it has REscanned ALL memory and recalibrated itself.

You will also see the icon turn blue and remain blue at startup or when BOClean has been stopped for configuration and the menu is closed when you’re done with the button bar and configuration screen. Disk activity will be furious as well as BOClean examines not only memory, but all of the files and associated system libraries associated with each process, task, or device driver. This may take a while depending on how many items are currently running on your achine at startup time. BOClean will examine every detail at startup, and this may take some time. BOClean is designed to yield to other tasks with higher priorities, so don’t be surprised if the icon remains blue for a decent period of time at startup or “start from zero” recalibrations. This is NORMAL. At any interruption of BOClean, it will discard its internal list of already examined items and start from scratch with a blue icon color. It will REMAIN blue until BOClean has finished all examinations, whereupon it will revert to its green flick every ten seconds when the system is examined and remains “quiet.” BOClean will immediately respond as soon as a trojan prepares to actually start running. If BOClean remains quiet, all is well.

Thank you Kail, I have not had BO Clean for very long and did not know what the red screen was, it still did not show anything on the log when I checked it.


No activity (malware detection) = no log.
Also, the FAQ is a good place to bone up on things. https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/board,84.0.html