TAP-Win32 Adapter V9 - What is that?

During CIS4 installation, a prompt by Windows said that new hardware was being installed called “TAP-Win32 Adapter V9”. Apparently it is a software driver to emulate hardware. The user is given no information during the install of CIS4 as to what is this new “device” that will be discovered by Windows. The user can opt to allow installation of the device or abort it. So which action should the user select? They obviously have not been given info about it beforehand to make an educated decision.

If I abort the “device” install, the installation completes and, so far, CIS4 seems to work okay. If I allow the “device” installation, the install completes but I notice a 2nd tray icon for a network connection (which is disabled by default). Since CIS4 seems to be functioning without this pseudo-hardware device, why bother installing it at all and consternate the user who has to decide whether they need it or not or whether they want it or not?

What is the TAP-Win32 Adapter V9 device? It appears to be some software-emulated network adapter. Why would I need another one besides the actual NIC in my host? Why isn’t the user informed as to what is this “device” so they can make an informed decision when the prompt appears?

I can’t seem to find it in Device Manager here on Win 7 32 bits.

Can you show a screenshot of Device Manager and the driver?

I noticed recently when checking out stuff with Autoruns that there is a new driver with v4: Comodo Internet Security Eradication Driver. See attached image.

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TAP-Win32 Adapter V9 is virtual network connection for Open VPN.
You only get it if you install trustconnect.

cristi, Thanks for that info. That makes sense. When I first installed CIS4, I saw that “device found” dialog because I included everything offered in what appeared to be a freeware product. Turns out both TrustConnect and livePCsupport are payware (I have another thread discussing this foistware). I had uninstalled and reinstalled but without TrustConnect in a 2nd trial and did not get that TAP-Win32 dialog.