Talking about cellphones

Hello everyone.
I am about to buy a new cellphone 2 more months. So, I want to hear what cellphone you have and if you are satisfied from it or not. What do you prefer? 2G cellphone or 3G cellphone?
Should I buy 3G cellphone and buy F-secure protection (do you using it?)?
Does 2G cellphone has security problems as like 3G cellphone (maybe worse or less than 3G cellphone?)
Talk whatever you want about cellphones (like: what do you think about radiation problem).


Cell Phone= Mobile Phone. I love the Nokia N95. Great for PLANS…


iMate JasJam running Windows Mobile 6 - had it for nearly two years and wouldn’t swap it!

Yes, it’s a great cellphone but very expensive (at least in my county). Right now, I have an i-mode cellphone: LG l342i: LG L342i - Full phone specifications. I have doubts between Samsung E250 (Samsung E250 - Full phone specifications), Nokia 6120 classic (Nokia 6120 classic - Full phone specifications) And maybe Alcatel OT C-701 that it’s unknown company in my country (alcatel OT-C701 - Full phone specifications). From this list what do you prefer (pay attention for security too between 2G and 3G please)?

Wow panic i-mate is not a cellphone, it’s a super computer! :slight_smile:

I’d go for the Nokia. Solid O/S with good support from Nokia. Expandable memory and good Java software. Wide range of accessories available. Good solid phone.

Thanks panic. Yes, this is good cellphone.

Yeah… See I was right!!! haha…

What do you think about this one? Nokia 6267 - Full phone specifications