Tales of woe after installing latest update

Installed latest update (.17).
I agreed to the scan option before my hard drive was declared safe. However, after 35 minutes of busy magnifying glass animation, the number of files scanned was zero. I could not access any other part of the Comodo interface. The full install looked frozen. I uninstalled and downloaded several earlier versions, bypassing the scan. Each time, I was alerted to a firewall malfunction. Note to developers: the system tray icon should indicate when the firewall is not working (follow ZoneAlarm example). Luckily, the last install notified me of available updates which I downloaded and this cured the problem. There is another concern. On opening Firewall Events, there are “no items to show”. How long should this be expected to remain blank?

Another nag: I’ve launched MS Word on three occasions and each time I’ve had to fight 20 pop ups, despite checking the “remember this answer” box.