Take your time Comodo

Quality is more important than any deadline :wink:

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Yes, I agree to that!

I have no bus to catch, so I’m not in hurry, so I can wait some more weeks :wink:


It’s refreshing to see the other side of the party’s perspective


Yep, You Bet !!!


There are enough of those software creators out there, like…

Shall I EVEN type it ???


That can’t wait until THEY KNOW THEY HAVEN’T EVEN IRONED OUT PAST BUGS, They have to get whatever they are trying to sell OUT Out out !!! And all it does is flat tick any thinking person right off…

SO !! You folks at Comodo… Yes, Take yer time !!! You are doing the PC User a big service by offering up Free security solutions !!!

Thank You !!! (V)

Quality doesn’t cost. It pays!


Absolutely, I know what it is not to have quality in your work or work product. However don’t forget that it is not just quality but time also costs money. It is very important to maintain a balance (equilibrium).


Everyone wants Quality. But not infinite time. You guys don’t know software engineers that well. Tell an SE to write a program without a deadline, and you will never see finished software. You have to do your best, but ultimately say “stop” and clean up bugs. It does take a balancing act.

Yes, it would be bad if v3 never was released :wink:


so far 7th June is looking good.
we should be good for that date :wink:


Thanks, great to hear!


I agree with this as well…its much more frustrating for me when things don’t work like they should do.

Btw…with regards to microsoft their programs work exactly as they say they will…just often they have security holes rather than bugs per se. ie I have never come across a microsoft program that doesn’t work like its meant to - i may want more features on it, or wish it had something else, but mostly when I use microsoft products they do exactly as they say on the packet.

Of course, there are obscure bugs in all programs…but in terms of their main functionality, I find them pretty good.

So Comodo take your time and get things right!