Take away blockages that goes from shoulder and up to the neck

Hey everyone here :slight_smile:

My fiancée has blockages from the shoulder and close to the neck and I would like to know if someone has a good tip what I can do to help; I know how to delete the blockages that goes from scapular to where the legs begin.

Any tips and hints are welcome and if you think that you have idea but up don’t dare then do it :slight_smile:

I thank all for the future response.

Take care and have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Valentin N

Deep Message :slight_smile:
I give my uncle back and neck message’s all the time, and after the message make sure she drinks water also! if not she can get sick…

PM me if you can for more information also regarding whether or not these are blockages or knots…


Hi Jake,

I think you mean “massages”
… unless you are an extrasensory individual having telepathy power & stuff, so your “messages” with very deep thoughts can do the job :slight_smile:

But seriously - it would be preferable to consult the specialist … at least once and get a professional advice
(you don’t do strong massages of the neck if you don’t know the cause of a problem and “how to” perform the massage properly )


Of course of course i meant massages; (Typo)

Hope i made someone scratch their head :smiley:


Why does she need to drink water?


After you get a massage; your muscles release toxins; and if you get a lot of massages or one great massage; and dont drink water you can get sick
During/after the deep massage you’ll see symptoms like clogged nose or throat; this is why you need to drink water :smiley:

you can get sick if you don’t drink water after… but its nothing to serious…


That’s basically a myth, which is easy to find in some medical journals.
Sure, Google can help as well :wink:
In addition please search and read about :

  • myoglobin;
  • potassium;
  • lactic acid

As a little clue - the muscles have to be really very badly injured
the muscle tissue has to be damaged because of an extreme pressure for quite a while, for example
When the latter occurs you may have so called “crush syndrome” when you cannot release that pressure quickly or immediately (see treating victims of the earth quakes)
In those extreme circumstances mentioned above accumulated substances can cause big troubles; complications and in many cases death being released into the blood flow “all of a sudden”

No “deep” massage can even remotely emulate such conditions

There is no proof whatsoever about releasing so called “toxins” because of a massage

You may or may not drink water before & after, but the reasons are different & not related to any toxins.