Take a tour - after CFP install ? for the "new" users ?

As CFP has lot’s of features there’s also the downside that a user with little or no knowledge of firewall’s and hips get overwhelmed with all those check boxes and stuff.

Is it an idea to make some sort of a short “movie” (people don’t want to read manuals, so let them look at it ) (:WIN) they get a short “tour around the program”.

Take this for example, a great way to a learn and play kind of way to know what tcp/ip does.
http://www.warriorsofthe.net/ you’ll learn more from this than from 20 pages of pdf to deliver the same information.

Or maybe some sort of a first install wizard to let them choose between 3 predefined security levels ?
One with basic security. (low on pop up’s, only the realy nasty stuff).
One with medium security. (little noisier).
One with high security. (expert level).

For the rest it is a great product with a Hugh load of features for free, only the path to the non technical user is not on the same level as the product itself i think.



Hi Ronny,

Prehaps I can make a picture movie without the audio bit, By just simple text & pictures. I would definitely consider that.

Movie would be hard- But if someone else want’s to make a movie that can, But I can make the picture tutorial.


Hi Josh,

Maybe Camtasia or some other tool could assist us in this.

Laura Chappell uses it in her Novell Connection magazine:



Or maybe we could build some video tutorials on “how to” ?

Maybe. Maybe we should start a poll on this. If we should make a video or not…

We might need a few others for internal-testing (Hidden) for editing, etc.


I’ve made a sample how to with camstudio that one’s free.
Took about 10 to 15 minutes, let me know what you think ok ?

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Quite nice Ronny.

I realise that this is a Q&D proof of concept. When preparing one for general users, you’ll need to add documentation at every step. Assume nothing - that’s a users job. :wink:

Did you like Wink? I prefer it to camtasia.

Ewen :slight_smile: