Tabbed browsing frequently freezes [RESOLVED]

Good day!

I am using Maxthon browser. I usually open more than a tab in my browser and I noticed that whenever I click on the next tab or previous tab my browser will freeze for a couple of seconds. When it freezes, the browser will stop responding if I continually click on the tabs or title bar but after a while things will get back to normal until I click on another tab it freezes again.

Is this a normal behaviour if I’m using a tabbed browser together with Comodo Firewall or is it my firewall configuration is incorrect. However, it didn’t affect my Internet Explorer browser.

I hope someone can help me with this matter cos though I can just opt to surf with IE browser but Maxthon is still my favourite browser.

G’day Sky,

I believe that the hangs are caused by the way Maxthon creates new tabbed windows. I’m pretty sure that it does this by invoking another instance of iexplore and embedding it in the Maxthon window. This causes another examination by the firewall as it sees it as a new instance.

An alternatvie tabbed browser is AMBrowser ( It doesn’t suffer from this lag as it produces tabbed window differently to Maxthon. It may be worth looking at, as a replacement/alternative to Maxthon, it’s good, fast and free.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Good day Panic,

Thank you for your reply and your suggestion of AM Browser. I just surfed the website and I find most of the main features of a tabbed browser are there. Too bad AM Browser doesn’t have as much plugins and skins offered by Maxthon browser, if not I’ll switch without a doubt. Anyway, I’ll give AM Browser a try soon.

Thank you again for your speedy reply.

Good day,

The problem with my Maxthon browser is fixed after I installed the Comodo Firewall Beta version. Now surfing the internet with Comodo Firewall Beta without a glitch!