Tab Browsing on internet explorer 7

I use Comodo 2.7 with IE 7.

I like to surf with TAB browsing rather than new windows. When something pops up for authorisation if I choose to block the outbound request all my tabs on the current window are also blocked & I need to open a new i.e.7 window to keep ‘surfing’.

So of course all my open tabs in the current open window are ‘dead’ as soon i deny accept to whatever program etc.

Any way 'round this?

I haven’t bothered to install IE7 myself because I use Firefox, so I can’t say whether the following workaround will work or not, but anyway, here goes.

IE7 allows you to drag and drop tabs around within the browser window, so it should be possible to drag them between pages too. So what I suggest you do (when the problem occurs) is to launch a second page, then right click the Taskbar and choose “Tile Windows Vertically”. Then drag and drop the tabs that you can’t open anymore from one frame to the other.
Once that’s done, right click the Taskbar again and choose “Undo Tile” to prevent Windows from remembering the last setting. You’ll only get a half size browser window the next time you launch it if you don’t.