T.Bird and F.Fox access

Hi everyone !

I just installed Comodo after reading so many positive reviews about it and so far it seems very efficient and very user-friendly, which in my case is very important since I’m not that much knowledgeable … :smiley:

My only doubt comes from the fact that - until now - every time I’ve launched an application (my anti-virus, Opera, Magic mail monitor …) Comodo’s pop-up asked me what to do, which is as it should be, but it did not do so with Thunderbird and Firefox and I’ve been wondering why !

Did I miss something ?

Thanks for your help !

Welcome to the forum!
FF and TB are probably in the “trusted” list by Comodo.
Have you scanned for known applications?
If you want to see alerts for applications certified by Comodo,
you must uncheck it in security/advanced/miscellaneous/configure.

Thank you !
It would seem that Comodo is not the only one in “learning mode” here… ;D

I’d better go read carefully that manual !

Thanks again !

You’re welcome!