Sytax error when restarting apache


Here is my current version info etc:

Current rules version 0.41 (Latest version)
CWAF plugin version 1.4 (Latest version)
Apache version 2.2.23
Mod_security compatible yes
Mod_security loaded yes
Mod_security conf /usr/local/apache/conf/modsec2.conf


When restarting apache I get:

service httpd restart
[Mon Mar 10 13:26:24 2014] [warn] module hostinglimits_module is already loaded, skipping
Syntax error on line 455 of /var/cpanel/cwaf/rules/cwaf_05.conf:
Error creating rule: Unknown variable: MULTIPART_FILENAME

I had to disable the cwaf_05.conf file and then restarting apache works fine. By disabling I just renamed it to cwaf_05.conf-disabled

Secondly when I click the Catalog button in the WHM plugin it pops up with the error:

cannot init scheme cache

I am using cPanel/WHM, CentOS 6

The rules are working except the ones in cwaf_05 of course since I disabled it.


Possibly you are using old version of ModSecurity.
It is required to use at least v.2.7.3

ModSecurity changelog:

28 Mar 2013 - version 2.7.3 ... * Added MULTIPART_NAME and MULTIPART_FILENAME