SysTray icons show Comodo firewall disabled??

OS: WinXP Home SP3
Comodo Firewas: free version

The Comodo Firewall (CFW) icon in my systray is now showing the CFW is inactive (the red circle with a line through it).

Yet when I go to Window Security Center it says that the CFW is running. Also when I go to Stev GIbsons site and run the Shields UP test, they show that all ports and everything on my computer is running in Stealth moode.

So why does the SysTray icon show that CFW is inactive??

Thanks for your time.

I have exactly the same symptoms on two different CIS installations under Win XP SP3. CIS version is 3.12.111745.560. Problem began about 3 weeks ago after an CIS update was installed and the systems rebooted.

After a reboot, in about 10% of cases, the CIS systray icon shows a red circle with a strike through it.
However, the bottom of the Miscellaneous dialog shows “all systems are active and running”…
and the Diagnostic utility does not find any problems! The situation remains until a subsequent reboot.

Any thoughts?