Systray icon shows uploading while downloading Windows updates.

While doing Windows updates, I noticed that the icon was showing a red uploading animation. When I checked in traffic by clicking on the program transferring data, I could see that it was listing either a TCP or UDP OUT connection, but data was coming down it more than going up.

Surely as the data is coming down it should have been showing the green animation not red?

I haven’t noticed this with anything else so maybe just limited to windows updates.

EDIT: The same thing happens with Free Download Manager, so probably other stuff too.

It is not clear to me if you only see red arrows or both green and red. Green and red is what we expect.

Sorry ;D, I do see both, but I’m mostly seeing the uploading animation while I’m downloading.

While downloading Windows updates, and using FDM and Steam, I’m definately recieving traffic, but the icon shows uploading, Comodo is showing the protocol in active connections as a TCP or UDP OUT connection, and traffic is actually downloading over that connection, not uploading much (I don’t think that is wrong, just that Comodo is using the wrong animation for that reason.)

I also use Avast 5, and am using a router if that makes any difference.

Red is data flowing in.
Green is data flowing out.

This is irrespective of whether the connection was initiated from, or to your PC.
Every connection is 2 way or it’s not a connection.

Does this help to make sense of what you’re seeing?


Yes I understand that, the problem is that it is showing data flowing IN over an OUT connection as data going OUT, when it should be showing it as data coming IN.

OK, let’s try to get a bit more specific.

Incoming data is represented by the downward pointing red arrows on the left side of the shield. This is downloading.

Outgoing data is represented by the upward pointing green arrows on the right side of the shield. This is uploading.

Down arrows for download, up arrows for upload.

While downloading a large file, the expected result would be a constant line of red arrows running down the full length of the left side of the shield. You will also see some green arrows running up the right side, but likely not the full length and the arrows will be sporadic instead of constant because there will be less outgoing data than incoming data.

So you are saying that when you are downloading, you are seeing the green upload arrows instead of the red download arrows?

The TCP/IP protocol is a protocol with maintenance. In order to have download you need to talk to the server and that will create the upload traffic.