systray empty after CPF update

CPF offered an update today, which I installed. After restarting the system, my systray is empty except for the CPF icon. Ideas? Thanks.

Hello, I just did a launch pad update and similar to yours it showed nothing but the personal firewall.Shortly I received a pop up that CPLUdater.exe needed access to the internet,so I allowed and things are back to normal now.Hope this helps, tim

I read the messages with interest thinking that I was going to have a problem, but the update went on without a problem with the systray at all. :smiley:
Guess I was one of the lucky ones.
I too run XP Pro w/SP2 fully patched and updated.

Hi, I’ve also updated without problems after allowing access to internet.

The update was for Launch pad only - not the firewall.


I just thought it strange that a lot seem to have the same problem and I didn’t. First time in awhile. :smiley: I didn’t know if some users had a different version of windows ,ME,W2K,SP1 , etc, and maybe this was the problem. Maybe just a little startup bug with a video driver. Oh well. Happy day! The weekend is here at last. ;D


Out of date topic.

Ewen :slight_smile: