Systems Works Fine Using 3rd Party Uninstaller, But A Few Nagging Items

After having a smooth install and a couple of good reboots, my system began a dramatic slow where the PC was practically not usuable. Desperate, I did use a 3rd party uninstaller, thus allowing it to get it back to life. I still however, have the CTM icon appear as the system boots up and the “Time Machine” folder listed in the program files on the drive with a Dat file that can not be deleted.

What’s the best solution to delete these two items?

Thank you

hi graybeard47,

About system begin slow. we are investigating this problem.

and in CTM icon screen when system boot. you can press home button go to the operation screen and uninstall it. the DAT file will be deleted when you uninstall CTM. and if this not help. you can fix mbr.

Thanks very much for your feedback!

We strongly do not recommend using 3rd-party tool to uninstall CTM, otherwise, some very serious problems may occur.
Thanks for your support!