SystemEnvironment and SystemTime privileges don't appear in Pseudo COM Interface

Since after a “standard” installation of the latest CIS 3.5.54375.427 (only Firewall and Defense+ choosing Optimum Proactive Defense+ during installation) those two items don’t appear in my list

I am wondering if it is something related to my PC hardware/software configuration.
I have Windows XP Home SP3

Where can I check (e.g. Windows registry or somewhere else) if those items apply and I only have to add them “by hand”? ???

Hello Hullboy,

See here:


And Here:

Maybe that helps.

I know I know… I already read them.
But my question was more general, why don’t they appear as MY “default” choices?
Is it something related to a particular hardware/software configuration of my PC?
Do they apply to EVERY Windows XP Home SP3 machine? (L)

Did you do a clean install, or did you import your “old” config then ?

It depends on the active profile, the more entries you have in there the more alerts you will get, the more secure you could be.

All very nice, but is there any word from developers whether this importing/updating issue will be addressed or we’re doomed for reading dozens of guides to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

I made a clean install

If you did a clean install and it’s not there then COMODO made that the default for this specific setup.