SystemCleaner Stole a huge amount of my RAM


There are 2 month i install CSC 2.108000 in a second computer and since this installation the process “Services.exe”
take 80 Mo instead 2,9 Mo.
At the start of my Computer “Services.exe” raise to 2000 Mo !! (In 1 or 2 minutes) and after donw to 80 and stabilizes at this value.

I have long sought the origin of the problem ,formatted and reinstall several times a image system (with CSC inside) Finally i uninstall CSC and the problem goes.
I have CSC in other computer and i have no problem with him.

OS: Vista Familiale Premium SP2
CPU: AMD Phenom II 940 Black Edition (Not Overcloked)
RAM : 4Go DDR2 800Mhz Dual Channel
Graphic: Ati Radeon HD4870 1Go
Security Software: - Comodo CIS 3.12 (at the moment of this fact)
- Avira Free 9.0
- Sandboxie

Thank and sorry for my english

There was a problem with services.exe in one of the previous versions and that has been fixed. Today another version of CSC has been released. Get it in COMODO System Cleaner 2.2.126408.3 Public Release or with the updater.