System with Comodo firewall restarts when remote PC connects to share

I have three computers. Two have Comodo free firewall and one (my laptop from work) does not.
When I try to connect to a shared folder on either Comodo machines using the laptop the comodo machine restarts. Not a bluescreen, a soft reboot. No error message, just a restart. All computers are connected to router/switch device. Could Comodo firewall have something to do with this?
The two Comodo machines can connect to each other without a problem and I can take my laptop to work and connect to a dozen different computers without a problem.
Any one have ideas on this?

Hi brians08

I’m sorry you’re having problems. I personally don’t have any real ideas at the moment, not heard of it before. CFPs Security Level (either by the systray icon or on the CFPs Summary page) of “Allow All” effectively disables CFP. The trouble is… given that you’re encountering a reboot without a BSOD I don’t think this will disable CFP in a way that will prevent the event (reboot). Mainly since all of CFPs processes, drivers & services (ie. the very things that would be involved in a low-level conflict) are still running/loaded. They’re merely ignoring all IO operations. If it did not reboot with CFP on Allow All, CFP would be blameless.

What is the OS of all involved & what other security applications are running on the victim systems? Also do you remember using a tweak tool to alter the behavior of BSODs? Systems can be configure to reboot automatically on a BSOD. But, it still generally generates a Mini Dump (unless its been disabled) & creates the appropriate entries in the Windows System Event Log.