System & Web Slowdown

I’m having a System & Web Slowdown w/ CIS 5 on XP Pro/SP3.
Any quick setting fixes?

a bit more information could help us, to help you :slight_smile:

what are your settings? what are the effects?

a first answer: i never experienced this myself even with highest settings.

Default settings except for High Setting on Manual Scans and stealth ports.

Workstation: Shuttle XPC w/AMD Athlon64 3200+ & 1 gig ddr.

You’re saying you’ve set heuristics to high? That wouldn’t affect system performance, except possibly when running a manual scan.

Specifically, what type of system slowdowns are you experiencing? Are folders opening slowly? Is your boot time increased? It really helps to give as much detail as you can.

Meanwhile, If you open the task manager (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) and look at the Processes tab, is any process other than System Idle Process consistently using all of your CPU cycles? (100% for a single core system, 50% for dual core)

And Stealth Ports won’t do anything to affect internet speeds.

Enable the Windows firewall, then disable the firewall in CIS. (Do it in that order to make sure you’re always behind a firewall…) Run the speed test at (Just click the Begin Test button and it will pick the closest server to your location) Then enable the firewall in CIS and disable the Windows firewall (Again, the order is important…) and repeat the test. What is the speed difference between the two tests?

Comodo also has a speed test if you’d like to try it. COMODO Line Quality Test

Shocker on the tests…
Speed wise the only thing faster was Windows Firewall ping test - 5 ms.

My bad, two words left out changes everything… Virus Scan, slows everything down a lot vs Avast 5 full scan.

Ah, yes, that changes things.

Unfortunately there is currently no scan priority setting in CIS. The only suggestion I have would be to run a scan when you are away from the computer.

you should not scan too often. when your behaviour is safe, and you scan what you download, you dont need to scan often.
hours of work for the harddrive, to do the same stuff… what a waste of resources.

use an antivirus with a guard that you trust! and maybe run your browser in a real sandbox.

an antivirus that expects to full-scan often doesnt trust its guard.
i scan sometimes not more than once or twice a year. but spybot search and destroy runs sometimes, because antivirus is often not “antispy”.

I’m a long time Opera & Spybot user :wink:

One thing I noticed that Comodo does not sound off like Avast does on sites?
I visit a lot of WebDev sites.

I fixed the slow-down problem…
I went only w/ the Comodo Firewall & Avast5…

I’m Finally Fast Again w/ AV Scans 88)