System Volume Folder [CLOSED]

Is COMODO scanning the system volume folder?

Here is the thing. I have a Virtual Machine with XP pro on it and TONS of malware and rogues(All sent to COMODO). Now, I scanned the PC with CAVs and it removed a nice potion of the rogues (Melih, I’m sending more this week). Anyway, after the scan was finished, I scanned the PC using MBAM and it found a couple of trojans on the System Volume folder. When cleaning the PC with MBAM, CAVS popped up the threat found message because MBAM was touching that file.

My point is that during the FULL scan it did not detect those files. I removed every exclusion and even set CAVs to scan files up to 999MB.

I’ll try to recreate to get some screen shots and scan results.

I’m interested to know as well. At least I know CIS is able to access the content of the folder, as you can browse it and add it to the exclusions.


Hi Guys, yes it does scan the system volume folder, since CAV found 1 trojan about a week ago in mine, which was thereby quarantined by CIS and I thereafter deleted it. I then shut off system restore to clean all restore points out reestablished system restore and created a new 1st restore point. I then rebooted and did a full computer scan right afterward, result System is clean and has been ever since that 1 trojan was caught! :-TU

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Xman (:KWL)

Thx for confirming Xman. :■■■■



still not convinced as it happened again. DARN I did not take a screenshot. No problem I’ll make a video for tomorrow.

Thanks anyway!!

Here is a Microsoft Knowledge Base article on how to gain access to the System Restore folders: .

CIS did scan the system Volume folder.
It just did not recognized any threat in there because the real time scanner deleted the files and others where unrecognized by CAV.

Thanks guys. I guess a MOD can close this now! (R)

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