I have just installed COMODO firewall and antivirus. The antivirus works well but the firewall slows all internet traffic to the extent that it really goes no where. I install Zone Alarm and uninstall comodo and everything is fine, any suggestions.

Well, there could be a few factors:

  1. What type of connection do you have - dialup, dsl, cable, ICS, WiFi, on a LAN, etc?

  2. When you installed CFP, did you have any active security software running (AV, antispy, HIPS, etc - anything with “real-time” protection for files, registry, etc)?

  3. When you installed CFP, did you select an install type of “Automatic” or did you go with “Manual”?

  4. The last (and maybe most important) question is, with CFP installed, if you switch the Security Level to Allow All, does your connection speed improve?

Since you’ve already uninstalled, in order to test things out you’ll need to reinstall.

In doing so, uninstall ZA completely, reboot.

Turn off all active security software.

Reinstall CFP. Select only “Automatic” - do not select “Manual” (for an advanced installation). Reboot.

If you’re still being blocked, try setting the security level to Allow All, as mentioned above.


If you are behind a router you may need to define a new trusted network using the wizard in tasks,


Thanks for the advice.

It’s taken some time to get back here but my system wouldn’t go anywhere, resolved that problem but can’t go anywhere with CFP unless security level is set to allow all.

I have a dial up system, run XP.

To get back on the net and be able to go somewhere I uninstalled Zone Alarm and both Comodo FW & AV. Then reinstalled CFP & CAV only. The problem I had seemed to be a conflict between the two firewalls although I never ran them together, I only ever fired one or other up prior to dial up.
This raises the question of although windows firewall is disabled could it be causing similar problems.

Bring back the telex?? :BNC

NEVER run two firewalls together.

You gain nothing and possibly loose ALLOT.

Firewalls tend to load a kernel mode driver/module, they also tend use the same deep-level functions. So they conflict.

I once updated KAV when i had zone alarm installed, unknown to me Kaspersky had added a “Mini-firewall” to the updated version (I even checked the update list, no mention of the mini-firewall). On reboot the computer would go into an endless reboot session. Had to boot into safe-mode. I was lucky safe mode worked.