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I have a small problem. I installed Comodo today, because I wanted the extra firewall bonus (Been having some issues lately with hackers and what not.)

Now however, my Bitdefender won’t update anymore. I cannot tick the icon which says: Update automatically. I did block 3 random system block requests that comodo gave me, because I saw that it said: Safe, but a connection from another computer.

I reckon that one of them might have been BitDefender…Anyway, now how do I unblock these three processes (Or whatever they are really) that are just called: System?

Thanks for your help.

Hello & Welcome Tempy;

To Edit A Rule for an Application:
CIS > Firewall > Advance > Network Security Policy > (Find the application)
and You may either
Remove The Application from the list (You’ll get a alert for the App to recreate the rule after you have click’d apply)
Edit The Application Rules (Highlight the Application > Edit)

(I would first check Bitdefender then check system)
or Run the “Stealth Ports Wizard” to select the network you are in as trusted or block all incoming connections
*You are currently in the Middle Selection of the Stealth Ports Wizard; Which Alert Me Per Incoming Connection.

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Tip: If you have blocked it for Defense+ You Can Go To
CIS > Defense+ > Advance > Computer Security Policy

Brilliant! Thank you very much! :slight_smile: Everything works again.

Your Most Welcome Tempy;

Is there anything else i can help you with?