system trying to modify ShutdownCKCL.etl

The past two times a I have shutdown my laptop, Defense + has displayed an event alert saying system is trying to modify ShutdownCKCL.etl. I haven’t clicked on anything when it says that because it always shuts down to fast before I can read it. It has never did this until today and it has done it twice so far. I have saved a .txt file of the alerts displayed/ I was wondering if anyone could lend any insight into what is going on. Is ShutdownCKCL.etl supposed to be modified when it shuts down? I have noticed that it has been taking longer to shut down and boot up lately. Thanks!

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Can you post screenshot of the alert or of the D+ logs (view Defense +Events)?

How to post a screenshot?

To copy a screenshot of the active window push alt+print screen to copy the active window to the clipboard (pushing print screen will copy the complete window to the clipboard not just the active window). The window is now copied to the clipboard. Paste the image in any image editing program, Paint,, the Gimp etc. Use the “crop” function to resize the canvas to size of the image. Now save the file as 32 bits png image.

At the forum push the reply button. Or when using the Quick reply type some text and push the preview button.

Underneath the text box click on Additional options. Push the Choose button and navigate to the file and select it. When you want to post more images click on the more attachments link.

When done typing push the Post or Preview button.

I’m not the original person who posted but this has just started on my laptop.

I’m using Windows 7 (with SP1 just installed).

I’m sure it’s innocent & can be added to trusted files but better safe than sorry.

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