System trying to access port 139

I got an alert for the first time, that “system” a safe application was trying to use port 139, and it said it was a safe application, but that another computer was trying to do it or something? It was weird so I blocked it. Is this my computer trying to do something or not? Thank you. ShieldsUP says port 139 is stealthed so I don’t know.

System handles sharing files, folder and printers over the local network.

What is your network set up? Are you on ADSL or cable? Do you have a router in your network?Are there other people that share the connection with? What IP address was on the alert? Check the firewall logs in case you forgot.

I am connected to my stepdad’s router over a wireless connection. We have Comcast. He is on the same network but our computers aren’t connected in any way with file sharing or anything. The source IP was, which is similar to mine. It was blocked about 20 more times after I hit block. The source port was in the 49Ks and was different each time.

If you wish to Block the LAN incoming connections as you don`t use file sharing etc you can do this a couple of ways.
You can use the “Stealth Ports Wizard” to Block all incoming connections (Firewall->Stealth Ports Wizard->Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth to everyone. It will say your firewall has been configured accordingly and your Network Security Policy->Global Rules should look like below). This setting can interfere with certain programs such as utorrent or other p2p programs.

Alternatively you can create a Global Rule to Block without log Ports 135 to 139. To do this go to Firewall->Network Security Policy->Global Rules-.Click Add->Create a rule like the picture below (Source address, Destination address, Source port as Any, Destination Port->A Port Range->135 to 139) then click APPLY.
Now in Global Rules highlight this new entry and move it to the bottom of the Global Rule list. It should look like the below picture.

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Ok, I was just wondering if it was a legitimate process trying to do something, or if it was bad.