System Tray Notifiction

I am a new ( and happy) user of the firewall. First I’d like to say thanks for a great product.
Works really well. :slight_smile:
Just a question.
When I installed the firewall a couple of days ago the system tray pop up notification read that
“all systems were active.”… I updated through the updater this morning and restarted, actually a couple of times.
Now the notification reads “Comodo firewall pro is being initialized” This does not change at all over time.
Howeve,r the firewall appears to be working fine.
Is this normal? Should I do something else to return to the previous message?
Thanks in advance for any answer

Hi, a few others have had this problem too, including me. See these posts.,6252.0.html,2397.0.html

It seems that everything is normal as far as the firewall is concerned and this is just a bug.