System Tray Icons

Dearest Group,

After successfully installing V3 (which incidentally addressed some issues I was having with MS firewall), I have a couple of minor problems:

  1. The AVG ‘scanning in progress’ icon no longer appear in the system tray (AVG does scan though).
  2. An icon for my Slim Devices ‘Squeezebox’ doesn’t appear either (Squeezebox still works).

Are there any gurus who have seen this sort of behaviour before?

I would like to thank Comodo for not charging me for this software and allowing me to use it.



Are both those programs like AVG scanner listed as trusted under D+? Comodo doesn’t take icons away or alter them.


many thanks for the reply.

If I understood you correctly, I looked at ‘My Trusted Software Vendors’ in D+.

The items in question are not listed, further I cannot seem to add them due to a lack of digital signature.



Is sporadic, or happens always?


This strange behaviour is caused by Windows, and not by CFP, even tho it’s normally the tray icon for CFP and not others that disappear. Try setting these to not start on Windows boot, reboot, run them manually, set them to start on Windows boot and then reboot.


Dearest Group,

Thank you for the replies… The route I tried which seems to work:

D+, ‘Advanced’, ‘Computer Security Policy’, set the applications in question to ‘trusted’ and then reboot.

Not sure if that is the correct way.

Thanks once again.



Thats what I said.

Ah, yes.

I did misunderstand you. Sorry.