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hi there

is the green icon in comodo firewall pro 2.4 is it showing data from or to the computer
and what and where can i find the info on 2.4 or the setup like the one for 2.3 on the website

thank you

Little Bear

Green is out and red is in.

Info about the release.,5462.0.html

No offense bud, but its the other way around, lol. Green is out, red is in :slight_smile:

I was just checking if you where awake… ;D

Took me a little while and some coffee to become coherent, but I got there :slight_smile:

is that red out to the internet or green out to the internet

Green is out to the Internet (from your PC).
Red is in from the Internet (to your PC).

that bad then green = good data and red = bad data your saying any data from the computer is good data and any data from the internet is bad

right-click in the icon, disable tray animation. :slight_smile:

I guess in the good old days, it was only inbound traffic that was (could be) classed as bad (hence the red arrow). Nowadays, we got to worry about what is leaving our computers too :o but with CFP ;D.


How right you are… :o

And Little Bear, remember that data has to flow both ways. Data is data, bits and bytes. It doesn’t necessarily mean bad data even though the color is red. When you download updates from Microsoft, the red arrow will make a steady appearance.
Just remember to view the logs once in a while and have faith in that your firewall will keep you protected most of the time and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Remember: (CLY)

true true that what Comodo Firewall use for to keep a look out on the data from your computer so you know who and what trying to use the net a router cant do all of the work on the computer end of the outbound data

Routers directs data to and from. Firewalls tells who gets in or not (kinda like your local bouncer at your favorite disco, but with strict and undiscriminating guidelines on who to let in) :slight_smile:

true but the guidelines are set by the user and some time Comodo Firewall help by tell the user that it think it is a good file or bad sometime it do not know the file and the user may say it bad win it a windows system file trying to call home for a update