System Tray Icon Not Loading

Hi All

Periodically (not all the time) the system tray icon does not load. When this occurs I cannot start it from the program menu or from program files using cfp.exe.

The firewall appears to be running but I am locked out of accessing the console.

Is this a bug and has anyone else noticed this behaviour?



Yes, I have two installations: one on Windows XP Home the other on Windows XP Pro. The one with Home appears in the task tray normally. The one with Pro never has appeared in the tray. I checked and verified the MD5 before installing in both cases. I read somewhere that if UPNP (universal plug and play) service is running the icon disappears. But neither operating system has that service running. I have been completely satisfied with the Comodo Pro firewall on my Home, but may have to go back to Zone Alarm Free on the Pro if I can’t find a solution or a workaround.