System Tray Icon Missing??

Sorry to ask a basic question but I’ve noticed within the last 24 hours that I don’t seem to have the System Tray icon displayed. Usually I would see the two arrows, green or red as traffic was passing through but now I can’t see anything although I do have a grey box with an arrow pointing down which could be it but I’ve just done a quick file download with Opera and there wasn’t any indication and when I hover over it I don’t get anything displayed saying what it is.

If I open Comodo I get the main screen and it says my Security level is Custom and everything seems to be working OK.

I looked but can’t see anything about the system tray display options.

Be grateful for clarification.


Think I’ve solved the problem.

I had been getting a flag about Microsoft Visual Basic C++ Runtime coming up in the taskbar (left side) which had the Comodo icon beside it. The only options given being to delete or move. Until I delete it any screen refresh was held only partially complete.

This seemed to happen after I ran an animated Powerpoint presentation sent as an email atachment by a friend. NOD32 had confirmed it was safe from any virus/trojan etc. when downloading the message.

Decide to do a reboot (I usually only hibernate the PC) and voila both the Comodo icon re-appeared and the Visual Basic flag disappeared.

Very strange but alls well that ends well I suppose (fingers crossed the fix is permanent).