System Status: Application agent not running - diagnostics will not fix.

Hello…first of all I am very pleased with Comodo and their Internet security.

I just updated to version 3.5.57173.439 for windows xp sp3 from an older version of Comodo. I have never had any problems updating or using Comodo in the past.

With this new version I am now getting a red circle with a line through it over top the Comodo shield. I checked under system status and it says the Application Agent is not running - Please run the diagnostics utility to fix the problem. When I run the utility it tells me there ARE problems and asks if I would like to fix them. I click ‘yes’ and then after it trys to fix them it tells me the utility could not fix them and asks me if I would like to create a diagnosis report? I click yes and I have a report…although I have no clue what I need to look at to tell me my problems.

Any help / advice would be appreciated. I unistalled and reinstalled several times. When I reinstall it works fine until I shut down my computer and restart it later. I am wondering if maybe I need to download the program again.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

After the reinstall are you getting the red shield still? This is a bug and will be fixed soon (you’re protected it just reports that you are not.)

As with the application agent not running, I don’t think this is part of the bug. If you are still getting this warning there still might be a problem.

Hello FaZio93,

Thanks for responding so soon.

When I reinstall I do not get the red circle over the shield right away. The problem(s) begin once I shut down my computer for the day or night and reboot the next day. While windows is loading up all the programs I have installed, I quickly get an error message on my desktop right at the beginning that states something like “Comodo has encountered an error and needs to close”. It also prompts me to view a report as well. The Comodo shield is still present at that time but does not have the red circle over it.

I then close Comodo Internet security and restart it (not reinstall it at that point like I have in the past) then it starts up but the red circle now appears and that is when the system status tells me the application agent is not running.

If it helps I can copy and paste the report it sends me? Just let me know. Another problem (well I consider it a problem) is that I live in a rural part of Michigan with no high speed access what so ever, except for internet via satellite. This means I have to download Comodo from my work computer and install the software on my own PC because it would take a long long time to download the program at my home computer.

I am thinking maybe this latest download did not copy correctly to my flash drive that I use and I may have to download the program again. I will not be back at work until Wednesday, 01/14/09, but I try to download the program again and see what happens.

Thanks again for your help!

You can post the report in the CIS bug board. :slight_smile:

i got the same issue twice due to electrical failure (hard shut down).
diagnostic shows no problem.
i had to uninstall & reinstall to fix it.