system stalling?

Hi all,
After using windows built in firewall for sometime i decided to get a “proper” firewall after noticing bursts of data in and out from my pc that i dont know what it is, so Comodo came highly recommended. After installing however i am noticing strange things happening such as
start up time has gone from 30 secs to 2 mins
my ping has increased by 5-8 m/s
VLC player stalls my system when i try to play videos / also google earth add-on for google maps just done it as well
I am having to log into my sites even though they are set to remember me

I am using Vista HP x64 fully updated, avg and windows firewall turned off
Any and all help is much apprieciated.

That is a long start up time. Can take a look at the Defense + logs and see if any of the programs that start with Windows as well at VLC and Google Earth get sandboxed? Can you post a screenshot of the logs? They are under Defense + -->Common Tasks → View Defense + Events.

I don’t know if the increase of ping time is within normal. What was the average ping time before installing CIS?

What OS are you on? Is it a 32 or 64 bit OS?