System scan problem


I have just installed the up-to date version of CIS and everything was going well untill I tried the system scan.

The scan stopped after the first two atemps but on the third it didn’t stop but dragged, and after about an hour and 15 mins my PC turned itself off.

I was using Kaspersky 2010 before and I’m sure I removed it all correctly - even defragged and cleaned everything with Tune-up before installing Comodo.

As far as I’m aware my PC is clean but just can’t do the initial System scan.

CIS seems so good and doesn’t hog my PC like Kaspersky did, any help would be great!


can you provide a hijack this log for me.

Thanks for getting back.

How and where do I find the Hijackthis log?

Sorry for being daft. ;D

part one 1 - Download & install the tool

Download the tool from Download Free Tools| Trend Micro version 2.0.4

How to install it:

* Double click on HJTInstall.exe
* Once the setup wizard comes up click on Install
* Please read the EULA before proceeding then click on I Accept
* Once installed the program should be running. Close the program.

part 2 - How to create a HJT log

One really easy step here.

* Open up HijackThis by clicking on the shortcut on your desktop. Or wait until it opens after the installation process.
* Click ok to the warning that may appear.
* Once it is up an running, click on Do a system scan and save a log file. This will open up notepad once scanned. 
* Save the log file at a text file to your desktop and attach it to your post.

Thanks for that here’s the file.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

everything looks fine and the first scan always takes longer. The pc turning it’s self off sounds like it entered hibernation or sleep mode after sometime. Check your power settings to see if it is set to do it automatically.

Thanks - glad my PC’s ok!

It’s not hibernation mode, it’s literaly switching off.

Well I’ll keep trying, hopefully it’ll get there in the end.


is it a laptop or a desktop? I would also check your power supply voltages, when a scan is being performed it strains the computer ( high cpu usage and hard drive) and if you have a flaky power supply it could shut down. I would use hardware monitor to watch the voltages at the computer is being stressed, it should not go down far, also watch the temperatures make sure it is not shutting down because of over temp. HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID let me know what you find.