System Scan hangs and no Drives shown in Scan Profile

I have CIS version 3.5.55810.432, Sig DB 669

I am having a couple of unrelated issues.

The first is a similar issue to that posted in another thread. I set a scheduled scan of My Computer. It gets to 247909 files scanned and then the scan just hangs. I started the scan on a Friday evening, it got to the 247909 file around Saturday evening and was still at that position Sunday evening. It seemed to hang the whole computer and the only option has to do a hard reset.

So, I thought I’d just change my scheduled scans to certain folders on each Drive. However, when I try to add a Scan Profile, I click to add a path and when I expand My Computer all it has underneath it is Control Panel? It doesn’t show either of my hard drives (C or D) anywhere.

Any idea what might cause either of these problems?

Other than that, am loving the product!


It also hanged on my Server PC with a full system scan. It must be still a bug in AV … But on my other PC it works ok. What could be cousing this ? Would reinstall help ?