System Safety Monitor cannot update through Comodo firewall

Comodo Firewall Pro
Windows XP Pro SP-2

I am using the free version of System Safety Monitor ( I was using DiamondCS’s ProcessGuard but SSM is better. However, when SSM attempts to connect for an online update, I see a popup from Comodo saying that SSM won’t communicate with Comodo.

Below is the message from Comodo firewall (which had to be manually transcribed since Comodo doesn’t let me copy and paste individual messages from the display of the log):

Description: Suspicious Behaviour (SSMUpdates.exe)
Application: C:\Program Files\System Safety Monitor\SSMUpdates.exe
Parent: SysSafe.exe
Protocol: UDP out
Details: The parent SysSafe.exe refuses communication with COMODO Firewall Pro.

Could I define an app rule in Comodo firewall to permit syssafe.exe to run ssmupdates.exe so it gets through the firewall? Or am I stuck with syssafe.exe refusing to “communicate” with the firewall?