system restore

I just recently install comodo time machine, do I need to disable windows system restore? thanks for any reply in advance.

Not a 100% on this (not a user of CTM myself) but I would recommend disabling windows system restore although I don’t think that it really matters whether you disable it or not. Consult the CMT manual and see if it says anything about this.

Cheers, James

Thanks, I found the answer in the manual, that it wasn’t necessary to disable windows system restore.

It is not necessary but it won’t help either… WSR will just eat all the free space in the disk, increase the snapshots… Besides, WSR is very weak (not everything is restored) and problematic, give much more disk fragmentation.
For me, the answer is: disable it.

I have plenty disk space, but thanks for the suggestion, I haven’t had to go back yet and I do hope that CMT work in case I have to. I will disable it, but first I will clone my hard drive to my second hard drive.

You can’t disable CTM… you can uninstall it.
Besides, it depends on the MBR, so cloning the disk is cloning just the baseline (not the snapshots) (if you do not clone the MBR also).
Please, understand the technology. CTM is a powerful system restore, it’s not a toy.

sorry, I meant disable system restore and I clone my harddrve with casper, not CMT, sorry for the misunderstanding