System Restore with CPF3 Installed

Has anybody run system restore back to a restore point with CPF3 in Vista.
I had been having problems with CPF3 blocking system restore points no alerts I managed to get it running by setting CPF3 at Clean PC Mode so I though I would test it to make sure it was running correctly.
After running system restore back to a restore point it seemed to have run correctly until it crashed (Computer) two to three hours later, and then continued to crash every two/three hours.
After uninstall /reinstall /import config. file CPF3 is running as normal now and no more crashes of my computer.

Dennis, I have successfully reverted back to a previous System Restore point, but only when I use Safe Mode. I’ve performed this on a fairly new laptop as well as a nine-year-old desktop system, both running Windows XP Pro SP2.

Thank you for your reply as I did not do it in Safe Mode it did not work correctly and ended having to do a clean install.(Vista)
I have posted a ticket with crash dmp file on comodo support but never received a reply back if it is a bug it might be fixed in the new release
Many Thanks

I have done so successfully repeated times and didn’t bother to go into safe mode, with XP Home. Right now I can’t remember all the details.

I have used System Restore twice sucessfully with no issues whatsoever. I’m using CPF, with Firewall Security set to “Train with Safe Mode” and Defense + set to “Clean PC Mode”.

I’m running Vista Home Premium with Antivir and Spyware Terminator.

Thank you for both your replies Japo/Woodsman.
It could be CPF 3.0.14 which I was using then.
Thank you again.

My internet was showing limited or no connectivity so i system restored.Have cpf3 3.015.277 installed.System restore worked fine.solved my net problem it did too.

forgot to say im running vista home premium.