system restore not working


I have CPM version 1.2 installed.

I have noticed that since installation, when I needed to do a system restore, I get this error message when the restore boots back up into windows :-

“This restoration is incomplete. It was interrupted by an improper shutdown. You should undo this restore or choose another restore point.”

Problem is, no matter what restore point I use, I get the same message.

I have put other software on since installing CPM so cannot be certain it is because of CPM, but never had this problem before, and gut feeling suggests this CPM is the cause.

Has anyone had this problem, or any idea as to how to fix it ?


P.S. Also, another reason why I think it might be CPM, is because when it was originally installed it asked to do a reboot; Then, I searched for updates for CPM using CPM and it found version 1.2 (I must have originally installed 1.1 perhaps ?). Anyway, it then rebooted, but when it booted up, it asked for a reboot again even though the software had finished installing the update and already rebooted.
Since the system restore error message talks about improper shutdown, this makes me think it might be CPM that is the problem. Thanks.


We have identified and fixed the problem. It will not reproduce in the next build.

Thank you for you feedback and support.

How do I fix system restore now then ?

I would suggest to uninstall CPM until the new version arrives.

If I leave it installed, will the next version fix the problem simply by installing it, and if yes, roughly how long do you think it will be before the new release is ready ?

If I do uninstall it now, will I lose the programmes currently monitored by CPM, or will this be kept in a log file after the uninstall, so that when the new version is ready and installed, it will continue to monitor programmes from before the uninstall ?


they said the new release will be out no longer than a week which was on friday. so this week sometime hopefully but idk if its goign to be a beta or public release.

if you uninstall you WILL lose all your monitored programs. i would just wait until the next release which should be this week

Thanks for letting me know;

I’ll wait a while then as the programme seems very good other than that problem.

no problem.
this program is getting very good. i had a problem with this version too but they fixed the problem so im waiting for the next update too