System Restore failing to start with 0x80040154 due to Defense+

Hi guys,
Can anybody please help me out with this?

Let me first give an overview of what had happened before I got this error… :

I was browsing with FireFox in sandboxed mode, and suddenly it failed and the application shut down giving me a DCOM+ error. I figured all I had to do was uninstall+reinstall Sandboxie and proceeded to do so.

Unfortunately, my Defense somehow blocked one of the uninstall components (even though I allowed the request when it gave me a warning). The uninstallation failed, and the Sandboxie driver was left behind.

I tried repairing it by trying to reinstall it again thinking that it would fix the incorrect uninstallation (tried overwritting the files), but that failed as well (and this time, I had disabled Defense+).

I tried using System Restore but I got :

Class not registered (0x80040154)

I have managed to fix that by myself. But now, I have noticed that when I turn on Defense+ in any mode, I get the same error.

The only disadvantage is that I cleared my system restore points, so I cannot roll back to my original settings.

I have tried :

[] Creating a new user account and testing it there, to see if this was a problem only in my account (and yes, I’m the only account holder on this laptop), no go :frowning: it seems to be affecting all user accounts.
] Tried the Last Good Known Configuration option, no go :frowning:
[*] Tried allowing rstrui.exe (System Restore app) to My Own Safe Files list, no go :frowning:

I’m absolutely stumped here. I’m sorry if this post was too long, but I thought you might want to know the changes/steps I had done to get to this state.

TIA :slight_smile:

When I Was Testing Around With Variuos CIS Settings, I Too Faced A Similar Issue. However, Not The Same Error. Except Having D+ In Disabled State, All The Other States Will Not Allow Me To Open Any Application. So Tried Reinstalling CIS And Its Now Working Fine Without Any Issues. So Can You Check After Reinstalling CIS ?

Hi, that seems to have fixed the System Restore issue.

I am currently using dial-up (my DSL router got spoilt), but after getting connected for some time, it gets disconnected for no reason. When I say disconnected, I mean that I cannot browse, chat, etc. (ie) I can’t use internet apps. but the weirdest part is that I AM connected to the internet.

I tried to check using ipconfig if I still had an active IP, but it said that the modem was disconnected.

Oddly, the firewall doesn’t show incoming OR outgoing traffic ??? even when I’m browsing. REALLY CONFUSED.

Can You Provide me The Screenshot Of Your Command Window With The results of Ipconfig.

Ok, this is weird. That too seems to be fixed.

My f/w does not show any incoming/outgoing traffic though :frowning:

Gee, sorry about bothering you…

Thats Ok. Just Try To Exit CIS And Reopen It Back To Check Whether You Can See The Traffic

Nope, it doesn’t work :frowning:

Incoming connections =0, Outgoing connections = 0.

Which Version Of CIS Are You Using ?

You’re pretty fast :-TU

The version that’s shown in About is :

If You Have Anyother Security Software Other Than CIS, Try To Check After Disabling Them. However, I Would Suggest You To A Fresh Install Of CIS 3.9. It’s Stable When Compared To The Earlier Releases And Lot Of Issues Had Been Fixed In This One. Update Me With The Results


Thank you :slight_smile:

That worked, now it’s running perfectly fine.

Guess next time, I should think about updating… 88)

You Are Always Welcome :slight_smile:

Cyborg, welcome to the Forum.
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