System Restore doesn't apply any change[solved][Workaround for Norton]

A few moments ago, I installed a application that I thought would fit my needs, it didn’t, so, I tried to restore my system, and you’ll understand why I say “tried” as you keep reading this post.

So, I didn’t like the application I installed, I went to the restore system option and after rebooting, I noticed there was no change of what so ever. I mean, no change at all! Not even the apps (in the taskbar) that I only use when I am connected to the internet were gone!

There was no system restore at all!

Just to see if the problem is or not D+, I then tested in one other system. This time, I previously created a restore system and then installed Vengine. I restored the system and no restore was made, at all.

As I am writing this, I am uninstalling CIS from one of my systems and see if then I can restore my system.

Could anyone, also, test this and report back if there is in fact such issue with CIS (Defense+)? If that’s the case, then we’re dealing with a huge bug(?)!

Aditional info:

CPU 32 bit
Windows Vista Sp1
CIS (AV disabled) with D+ set to safe mode
Other security apps: LinkScanner Pro, Norton 2009, Comodo BoClean, Haute Secure (never had issues before).

UAC disabled

Heck, some time after trying to find out what the heck was wrong with the system restore and to see if, somehow, the new update of CIS (D+) messed with it, I came to the happy (and I must say HAPPY!!!) conclusion that CIS (D+) had nothing to do with it.

The problem resided within Norton AV 2009. I guess the new (from *.125 to *.33) upgrade that happened a like a week and a half ago/2 weeks, was the responsible. Or even some update to the signatures of it? No idea, I just know I ditched the freak. I’m glad it was just a trial version and not a paid one.

I actually had to uninstall pretty much everything (security related) from my system 1 by 1 and then create restore points and install a small app, then restore it back, to see what could be causing it.

Well, it is not D+ and I am glad about it!!!

P.S: Sorry if this sounded to alarmous, but if it could be related to D+, then, I guess, we the help of us all, we would find the reason behind it. Bug or not, and the best way to test it would be for others to test for them selves. :slight_smile:

Best regards

Best regards

Some news about what happened with me and to prevent from happening to others:

For what I was told (after all this hassle to find out what the heck was happening), such issue happens, because, since version 2006, Symantec has a technology implemented into Norton that prevents other processes from changing its files. That’s great, but it will also stop system restore from working properly. The work around is to disable Norton’s tamper protection (version 2009). I can’t say what do with other versions. Sorry.

Bottom line: Why doesn’t Symantec include such important information in the help file? Or do they think it is not that important? I mean, only I know the time it took me to find out what was wrong and to check if the problem could be D+ (or any other security tool or any other tool, for that matter).

This could had been easily solved if Symantec would just provide such info. That’s my opinion.

Anyway, for anyone else using Norton 2009, there’s the tip, won’t you have the unfortunate to need a system restore and not be able and not even an internet connection to find out what is wrong.

Best regards, and sorry for all this alarm.