system restart after every upgrade

why the hell you Comodo guys think is safe, comfortable and possible restart windows every single time comodo upgrades yourself???

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Hi malvegui, welcome to the forums.

A restart is required when CIS’s drivers are updated. CIS’s drivers are low-level drivers and to properly install this type of driver requires a restart. This is due to the way Windows works, rather than CIS specifically.

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thank you kail for your reply,
if all windows applications that needs kernel-level access asked to restart system there would be definitely no chance to use a pc.
however i think comodo is a very good firewall.

Kernel level access is one thing, doing what an application like CIS does is something else entirely. CIS wants more than access, it wants to join the party. :slight_smile:

kail, as you say.
my system needs to be restarted from one week, every 4 hours i ask comodo to pospone restart. I suppose i should be thankful to comodo for not to force the reboot as windows 95 used to do :slight_smile:

You can always turn off automatic program updates and perform it yourself manually when you want.

I never minded having to reboot after a CIS upgrade . It just seemed natural to me. What does strike me as strange though is the way Windows Update behaves in Win 8. After doing the updates that require a restart I am informed that my computer will automatically restart in 2 days if I don’t do it then. Why would anyone apply Windows updates and then let the computer wait for 2 days to activate them?