System Reserved partition fragmented

Hi there,

I am using Windows 7 64bit Home Premium.

Recently the System Reserved partition on my HDD is 7% fragmented (as reported by windows Disk Defragmenter). For the past few years it always had 0% framentation.

However, clicking on the “defragment disk” button does not solve the problem.

Could I use a third party tool (eg Easeus Partition Manager) to defrag that partition? Has anyone tried to do that? Most importantly, would this cause boot failure?


Hi brightness,
I have seen something similar to this before and defragging in windows safe mode solved it.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately in safe mode Disk Defragmenter can not be started. While third party tools such as Piriform Defraggler can be started, they dont even list the system reserved partition.

Any more ideas please?

The general consensus is to leave it alone, it will not effect system performance in any way whatsoever plus it`s only 100MB.
Google “Defrag system reserved windows 7” for plenty of discussion :wink:


My apologies it must have been something different I remembered from the past.