System Requirements Confusion

System Requirements for CIS is confusing as it is different in different places, like 152 MB RAM at one & 512 MB RAM at other.

Plzz Correct this & mention the correct & one requirements at all places.

For EX -

Here it is 152 MB RAM

Here it is 512 MB RAM

152…512…could be typo?

Agree that it is a typo so I moved this to Report Comodo Forum / Web Site Issues

But which one is the correct system requirements, 152 or 512?

These are always only guides, but I suggest that 152MB is the correct size as I run CIS on my older XP with only 384MB Ram with no problems.

OK, thanxx for the info.

No problems.

152MB system RAM ??? What configuration do you propose in order to achieve it?
512MB on the other hand is both a common module size and a multiple of 16.