System Reinstall

Hey guys sorry if this has been answered previously, I could not find it and must have missed it. I am about to reinstall my OS and currently have CIS 2011 Complete Installed. I had 3 keys available to me courtesy of Mr. Abdulhayoglu and I am deeply grateful. However, my question is as follows:

Once I reinstall my OS, will I be able to use the SAME license key as before, or will I have to use up one of the other 2 remaining keys that I have? If I am able to use the same key, is it as simple as literally entering the same product key?

Thanks so much in advance for your help guys.

Yes; You’ll be able to use the same keys;

a key is good up to 3 different computers :slight_smile:

and yes you just need to copy and paste the key that you have recieved in your email

Hope this helps