system recovery after CIS re-installation

yesterday i re-installed CIS 64 bit on my win 8.1 64 bit laptop. after clean reinstallation of CIS the problem with windows persisted, so i thought the cause is windows not CIS and i decided to make a windows system recovery to a recovery point in april before the problem occured. after the recovery, the CIS installer was gone in the download folder, and also in the programmes list there was an old version of CIS, i had installed in january 2013. but in fact the version installed was the one from yesterday before the recovery. it shows the product version number 7.0.317799.4142 and the update does not find any program updates. i imported my configuration and most files where unknown, also the first scan took more than 2 hours, which is normal i guess. CIS works fine now. so is there any need to make a reinstallation of CIS again, or was only the softwarelist changed and the installer deleted by the system recovery?
thank you

no answer? :frowning:

Hi raggansta,
Just to clarify, when you say a system recovery do you mean a restore point or a system image?

Restoring to an image will revert the entire system back to the image creation date.

System restore will most likely break 3rd party software that is installed after the chosen date.

System restore can cause problems sometimes with thrid party software.

Did the quick scan take two hours? That is not right. I would suggest to consider a clean install of CIS following Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron.