system receive incoming connection

this keeps coming up most of the time…what is it?? is safe to allow or should i block it like i have been doing

On what type of connection are you? Are you behind a router? Do you have other computers on your local network? Can you check that one of your computers has this IP address once you see this alert in the logs?

Im behind a router.broadband cable internet …it is the ip coming from one of the computers on my network…dunno why i didnt think of that before brains loosing it things been gettting more confusing to understand and remember past couple of days…how can i get comodo to stop showing that message?

The traffic is part of NetBIOS. NetBIOS is allowing applications on separate computers to communicate over a local area network. Is your Windows set to share documents with other computers on your network?

yes…network discovery and file sharing is on…turn those off no more message correct?? for the other windows it is on. also i will turn all of them off even if its my own network seems right to shut them features off

When you don’t need the network discovery and sharing on your network you can disable it on all computers.